Rebecca Whitwham

I am the Head Coach for the seniors at Hawks Netball Club. I am also a player for the club and have been a member of Hawks since 2004. I have been involved in the coaching of the club since 2011 when I qualified as an Assistant Coach.

I gained my Level 2 in Coaching in 2013 and in 2014 I was asked to be Head Coach for the club. I also coach away from the club with County Sports Partnership. I really enjoy coaching and seeing people grow their skills and develop their confidence. My personal approach is not to be afraid to try as failure provides us with the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.



Lesley Newman

I have been a member of Hawks since 2003 and have held many varied roles within the club. I began coaching in 2011 when I completed my level 1 training. Primarily my aim was to assist with coaching at our former junior section as my daughter was then old enough to join. I quickly found coaching was something I really enjoyed and I began coaching regularly at both juniors and seniors. I have since completed my level 2 qualification but now only coach regular senior sessions due to the closure of our junior section.

My aim is to make sure that all players have the opportunity to participate and have fun whilst training and playing. I aim to help players develop skills both individually and as part of a team and to encourage them to encourage and support each other.