This is a new award in recognition of overcoming a challenge and making a transformation, in recognition and encouragement for those making a change. This could be a new team, a new division, a new role or a new position. Pushing themselves maybe out of their comfort zone through the season but excelling at the challenge.

At Hawks we are lucky enough to have many adaptable players, many of whom play a handful of positions. Sometimes these are tactic changes in matches, sometimes newfound skills are discovered covering for injuries and absence, it might just be a bit of a laugh at training….or fulfilling our dreams of playing Centre at tournaments (Becky 😊)

This years award goes to someone who started the season as a defender, often using her ‘gazelle’ to win turnovers and put the opposition under pressure. As the season progressed, she became a little disheartened, so when new opportunity to move to attack came, with nervous excitement, and a lot of anxiety, she threw herself into it, and never looked back! I know that this was massively out of her comfort zone and that she was a bag of nerves putting on the GA bib for the first time in a long time, but she should be immensely proud of herself for pushing on and embracing ‘the fear’.

Since Christmas she built great bonds with her attacking unit, thrown herself into training including homework studying circle holds and movement on YouTube at home, perfected the ‘sexy pencil’, hiked the MacMillan Mighty Marathon and finished CDNL summer league games holding her own in Division 1 games against some really tough opponents. We really can’t wait to see you play and grow in confidence this season – this year’s winner Tara Morris xx