With a rare weekend off for our CDNL teams and as we catapult towards the Christmas holiday half way point, time to have a look at the tables…

After a rocky start Hawks 2 are finally finding their feet, securing 2 solid wins and some promising progressive play in their last 3 games. We hope to see them continue to climb the rankings to start the second stage of games out of the danger zone.

Hawks 3 have had an impressive start securing 4th place in Division 4. Our Hawks Newcomers have made a fantastic addition to the team and we hope to see them continue to go from strength to strength.

Over in CCNA Hawks 1 have been struggling with a string of players having to take time out due to injury. We wish them a speedy recovery and will be cheering on all the Hawks 2 and 3 players playing up in the premier league to supporting the team.

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